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Our intention with these botanics was to awaken and alchemize your inner vitality. These plants are rich in antioxidants that support your natural and sustainable energy. Helpful for improving both physical and mental stamina, while fighting the negative effects of stress. Ritualize your life with these joy boosting medicinals.


  • organic mullein - Anti-inflammatory, commonly used for chest complaints such as bronchitis and asthma and pain relieving ( sweet and spicy )
  • organic yerba mate - Rich in antioxidants and other impactful nutrients, boosts energy and mental focus and boost metabolism ( earthy taste ) 
  • organic ginseng - Boost the immune system, improve memory, improve physical and mental performance (spicy flavor ) 
  • organic lobelia - Lobelia supports the respiratory system and eases anxiety and reduces pain ( rich earthy flavor ) 
  • organic spearmint - Improves digestion, and supports focus with surprising results ( strong minty taste ) 
  • organic wild cherry - Supports the respiratory system ( mild sweet smoked taste
  • organic yerba santa - Supports the respiratory system and acts as an anti- inflammatory ( complex, sweet yet bitter )
  • organic peppermint - Upset stomach and other digestive issues, soothing skin irritations ( strong mint flavor ) 
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