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Dream Vision

Dream Vision

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The nervous system is a mystical landscape within our body that helps us experience ourselves and the world. These herbs work with the brain and nervous system to create a lucid dreaming atmosphere, giving you a sense of euphoria so you can experience relaxing and ecstatic realities from within. 


  • organic blue lotus leaf - Relieving stress and helps you sleep better ( strong earthy flavour ) 
  • organic blue lotus flower -  May give you the sense of focuses euphoria, lucid dreaming and relaxation (full-bodied, earthy, and slightly bitter-tasting notes) 
  • organic wild dagga - Mild euphoric feeling, helps relieve asthma, coughs, headaches ( sweet grapefruit taste ) 
  • organic damiana - May help with nervous disorders or stress, enhance energy and help with fatigue ( bitter with a woodys taste )

organic wild lettuceSupports the nervous system and promotes restful sleep ( mild, earthy flavor )

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