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Breathe in the antiquity of these botanics, this blend builds immunity, boosts mood with damiana and rose, plus lung supportive plants like mullein, raspberry leaf. Our intention is to offer a relaxing and heart opening experience.  


  • organic damiana - Boosts energy, stabilizes mood, reduces stress, improves your general feeling of wellbeing ( bitter with a woodys taste )
  • organic mullein - Works well to reduce respiratory issues such as asthma and coughing and relieves pain ( sweet and spicy ) 
  • organic coltsfoot - Excellent at treating coughing, bronchial congestion and headaches ( Bitter, liquorice-like ) 
  • organic spearmint - Improves digestion, and supports focus with surprising results ( strong mint flavor ) 
  • organic sage - Helps relieve sore throats and sore muscles ( pungent, bitter ) 
  • organic raspberry leaf - Fantastic at relieving digestive issues ( Slightly bitter and pungent, similar to black tea )  

*Use caution when using it if you are allergic to ragweed or on medication for diabetes.

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