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AnKi Open Rehab Day (Fire & Ice)

AnKi Open Rehab Day (Fire & Ice)

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You're not alone. We are a community of people who share their goals and struggles in the pursuit of health and wellness. Come join us every Sunday 9am-12pm for a recovery day setting the tone for the rest of the week β€” it could be the start of something great! πŸ’š

Come join us at AnKi for a healing gathering including:

β€’ 37ΒΊ blue cube bath cold tubs (two tubs available)

β€’ 4 person Clearlight infrared sauna

β€’ Joovv Light

β€’ Gym space for breathwork, movement, meditation, tai chi, work outs

Take the early part of the day and give your body the best chance to heal and feel its best

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